Whether you’re doing a fully automated home, or only simplifying the lighting system in a single room, we’ll guide you through the process:

Consulting.  Tell us how you’d like to live and we’ll explore what’s possible. After discussing different options, we’ll come up with a project scope and an estimate.

Systems design. Each system is designed to perform seamlessly with others, at optimal efficiency.

Installation. We’ll install your automated system, using the best in class products and techniques.

Systems programming. Access your home from anywhere. Preheat your home before you get there. Turn off the lights that the cleaning lady left on. With a programmed system, you can make your home run smoothly, even from afar. 

Follow-up training. Your system is as unique as your home. Follow up training ensures you get the most out of your system and enjoy using it for years to come.

Experience better living. Contact us today for a free consultation.