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When you think of saving energy through a lighting control system, you tend to think of dimming lights and automatically shutting off lights at certain times. But how about controlling your heating and cooling, too?


Lutron's RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks systems now control energy use, including lights, shades, standby power from small appliances (via a plug-in modules) and temperature.

Heating and cooling systems are often the biggest users of energy in a home, and just setting back a thermostat a degree of two can save significantly on your energy bills. The thermostats can also be used as part of a system that automatically opens or closes motorized shades or drapes to shade a room from the sun and save on cooling—or allow the sun in to warm a room during cooler months.

The thermostats feature a three-part design, allowing each component to go where it makes the most design sense.

seeTemp (the homeowner interface)

  • Can be mounted in locations which would not normally be appropriate for a thermostat, such as exterior walls and sunny spaces.
  • Installed in a standard wallbox for a low-profile appearance (gangable with keypads and dimmers).
  • Available in many colors to complement decor.
  • More than one can be used to control the same thermostat (“3-way thermostat”).
  • Powered by 24V or 120V AC.
  • Available with Celsius or Fahrenheit scale.
  • Eco button adjusts temperature +/- 2 degrees to save energy.

Wireless Temperature Sensor

  • Easy-to-position.
  • Allows the temperature to be measured in the optimum location.
  • Battery-powered design, so wiring is not required.
  • 5-year battery life.
  • Up to five sensors can be used per main repeater.
  • If more than one sensor is used with a single HVAC controller, readings will be averaged.

HVAC Controller

  • Installed out-of-sight, such as in a utility room or basement.
  • Mounts near, and connects to, HVAC equipment using standard 24V relays.
  • Wirelessly communicates with sensors, seeTemp and RadioRA 2.
  • Basic configuration is accomplished using DIP switches.
  • Advanced configuration available in the RadioRA 2 PC programming tool.

The RadioRA system, which is scalable to 200 devices, operates via Lutron’s Clear Connect wireless RF technology, and can be installed in any home. The system also manages wasteful standby power in devices via plug-in appliance modules.