The Team

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René Schaub

René SchaubKnown as 'the lighting guru', René began his adventures with electricity in the late 1970s, when he wired his HO model railroad, built his first amplifier, and automated controlling the lighting from his bedside. He completed his electrician training in Basel, Switzerland in 1982... the year he first visited California. As a licensed Electrical Contractor, he has completed hundreds of projects of various sizes. Now focused on home automation and lighting control, René has been trained by Lutron as a residential service provider (RSP) and preferred system provider (PSP), and been certified to program and install cool lighting control systems like HomeWorks and Radio RA2. René enjoys designing and implementing systems that can control lighting, appliances, window treatments, audio/video components and climate control throughout homes. The benefits are safety, convenience, and energy savings. He continues to receive rave reviews for his services, with a 5-star rating on Yelp.

Scott Roberts

Scott RobertsKnown and 'The Fixer', Scott has spend his youth and professional career solving challenging problems. As the owner of a design-build construction firm, he adds a tremendous amount of knowledge to many of the processes of designing living and working spaces. As a lifelong electrical and acoustic hobbyist, engineer and fabricator, this makes him an excellent addition to the custom integration team.


EZ is the perfect muscle man with a steady and smooth hand. With his craftsmanship and detail, no task is too hard to perform. EZ has been installing electrical and automation fixtures and appliances for almost a decade. His white-glove mindset and attention to detail are rare and essential to provide the final touches on the high-tech electronics and systems we install.